BSH San Diego Bookkeeping & Accounting Services and Packages

Be able to run your business with our San Diego Bookkeeping Services packages and do what you do best with all of your accounting handled.  We are not just about recording history in your business.  We also use accounting to script out scenarios where your business starts feeding you , instead of you being a slave to it. (85% of most businesses).

Reduce your anxiety and make key business decisions based off numbers and key analysis.  Know your outcome before you spend your income.

Accounting Packages For Small Business options are offered below.


  • 1 Meeting
  • 3 Financial Reports
  • 10 Synced Accounts
  • Payroll Services
  • CPA Integration/Tax Prep


  • 2 Meetings
  • 5 Financial Reports
  • AP & AR
  • 10 Synced Accounts
  • Payroll Services
  • CPA Integration/Tax Prep
  • 50% off QB Products


  • Weekly Meetings
  • Custom Built Value & Scope
  • CPA Integration
  • 50% off QB Products

Questions or Сoncerns?

Where do I get started?
Bookkeeping for Small Business services needed? Give us a call or text at (310) 654-2047 or E-mail to set up an initial 1 HR Consultation.
What happens at the end of each month period?
Each client gets a Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows within 10 days max of the months end.  All accounts will be reconciled and synced.
Do you do Bill Pay & Accounts Receivable?
We do!  We can incorporate with your systems, cut checks and/or use cutting edge technology to build accounting auotmation systems for you.
Have More Questions?
Do you do Bookkeeping for us or do you teach it?
BSH Accounting primarily does bookkeeping services for small business and automates the process but also can teach you.  However, most clients enjoy the safety and stress relife of us taking the lead and having their books handled and timely reports.
What about one time events?
We can do projects and ber available at other key times througout the year.  We are here for our clients all year round.
Do you run and set up payroll?
We absolutely do and also thrive in payroll services for small businesses.  We can handle 1099 for contractors as well as get you top deals in the market place through our great realationship with ADP.  BSH Accounting clients that need payroll services each get a local ADP account manager to acommodate all payroll hiring, HR, Retirement and Medical resources for your business.