Making Payments to the IRS and State

Oct 25, 2022

Making Payments to the IRS and State

Here are the steps to efficiently make an online tax payment to the IRS or the State where your tax liability is owed.

IRS/Federal Payment

Go to

  1. Select Make a Payment
  2. Select Balance Due
  3. Apply Payment to Income Tax – Form 1040 (2021)
  4. Select Tax Period for Payment
  5. A pop-up will ask you to confirm.  Select Yes.
  6. Enter the information on the next screen to verify yourself from a previously filed tax return.
  7. Enter in your payment information
  8. Confirm the Disclosure Information
  9. Hit Review and Sign
  10. Hit Print/save to PDF and send us a copy of the receipt.

State of California

  1. Go to
  2. Click the option on how you would like to pay
  3. Click Web Pay Personal
  4. Enter your verification information
  5. Select Balance Owed
  6. Select Tax Year (2021)
  7. Fill Out Your Information
  8. Hit print/save to PDF and send us a copy of the receipt.

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