"The unsuccessful businesses owners are that way because they don't know their numbers."

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About BSH Accounting

BSH Accounting stands for Buck Stops Here Accounting. The name came to him in the middle of the night when he realized for anything important to change, a person has to look themselves in the mirror a have a “This stops with me and stops now.” It also is the initials of the founder Brian S. Hershman.  Buck Stops Here is about accountability and facing what is holding business owners back.

The San Diego Bookkeeping Services We Provide

Quickbooks Online – Set up company files with a courtesy “favorable pricing” discount.

Bank Account/Credit/Loan Sync with QB Online – (BSH 50% Discount)

Bookkeeping and Mapping appropriate chart of accounts.

Custom Systems Buildout.

Categorize and get all transactions up to date with best practices for tax preparation.

Chart of Accounts

Monthly full services bookkeeping.

Integration with your CPA for tax planning and strategy.

Set up Chart of Accounts and Accounting Systems. Monthly Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cashflows. Reconciliation of all accounts.

Your search for Bookkeeping Services San Diego ca is over.

Testimonials for BSH Accounting

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Great service! I recently reached out to Brian to help my charity with with our non-profit’s tax filing to the IRS. Brian made things so much easier to understand, helped me get a handle on the important issues, and provided solutions that could be implemented quickly. Look no further! This is who you need to call! Thanks Brian!!

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What can I say about this man sent straight from Accounting heaven!!! Brian is one of a kind! I needed someone to help me with my books, not only was I behind but I’ll was a mess. He got everything in order so fast I couldn’t believe it. Always kept me in the loop and always answered all of my questions/ calls / texts/ emails!! I’m so glad I found someone I could trust with my business! Thank you Brian for everything you’ve done to get me on track. Powered by ReviewsOnMyWebsite

Kaysha Valdez-Silva Designation
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Brian is super easy to work with very fast with responses or any help that you need. First thing that stood out was when I reached out to 5 different book keepers Brian was the first to respond and the first to offer more than just the job. He helped with advice connecting me with the right people and simply making my life easier. He went through my quickbooks that had not been gone through in 6 months completed everything without even knowing the categories of everything yet in just a a couple weeks and had 95% of everything filled away appropriately. Again that was with no help from me and he knew nothing about my business. After meeting on a conference call with him and finalizing those small items he asked me about my quickbooks is as clean as can be. He is very willing to take calls and texts at any hour of the day and will work with YOUR schedule not just his and when he is available which is awesome as a business owner with multiple thing going on I get those random questions that pop into my mind and he is always able to respond in a timely manner! Over all very happy with Brian and his work. Look forward to continuing to work with him.

Nathan Salib Designation

Latest News

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View Only Access to Banks and Credit Cards for Bookkeepers

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