BSH Accounting – Checks & Supplies – Intuit

Oct 24, 2019

BSH Accounting – Checks & Supplies – Intuit

BSH Accounting [Checks & E-Checks] – Intuit Reseller


  1. Paper Checks – Paper checks are a bit outdated, but many business owners still enjoy using them and many businesses rather accept check than a card.  If you insist on using checks, we recommend using our access as a premier Intuit reseller.  These are checks that you can PRINT from Quickbooks online.  Not only can you brand the checks with your logo and print them for a more professional feel, but doing so will cut down on bookkeeping headaches because once the check is cashed, it automatically matches with your books.


To place order now,  fill out information on form below and I will order you the MAP (BSH) pricing discount.

Basic Voucher

Intuit Quickbooks Basic Voucher Check

Secure Plus

Secure Plus Quickbooks Checks

Secure Premier

Secure Premier Quickbooks Checks



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E checks

What is an E-Check?


This is what an E-Check is. E-mail to someone, they print it and are paid instantly.

Click Here now to Order E-checks for your business from our recommended provider – Simply Checks


If you have any questions or need help with your [product], then give us a call (310) 654-2047 or text.

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