The Search for Bookkeeping Services in San Diego, CA – Part 2

Jul 2, 2020

The Search for Bookkeeping Services in San Diego, CA – Part 2

The Search for Bookkeeping Services in San Diego, CA – Part 2

Why get bookkeeping services for yourself?

If you have any business, then you must know how hard it is to keep track of all everything.  You are the head of every department.

Any time you can get an expert to advise or be a part of your team, you go from good to great as an entrepreneur.  One of our recommendations is to look for a Quickbooks Pro Advisor near you and search for their ratings.  You can also search Google with the keyword: bookkeeping services in San Diego CA.  Obviously, change the city to your location if you want a local bookkeeper.

Why Bookkeeping For Your Small Business

The main work of the bookkeeper is to ensure all the financial transactions of your businesses are maintained in the right way.

Most Common Mistake: Many people outsource their books to someone that holds them hostage.  Meaning the bookkeeper is the main administrator and they are paying for the subscription.  You absolutely do not want to do this.  You want a Quickbooks Online subscription (Click here for 50% off your Quickbooks Online subscription.) and you want to pay for it yourself, as a master administrator.

Your bookkeeper will then be added under MY ACCOUNTANT on the left tab on Quickbooks Online.  You can add 2 firms, so you can add your bookkeeper and eventually your trusted tax professional.  Make sure they are at LEAST an EA.  An Enrolled Agent has the highest degree of knowledge of how to prepare a tax return and represent you under the IRS.  Many people think a CPA is what they want, but a CPA is more for audits.

When your books are maintained throughout the year, it makes your tax professional’s life way easier, and you can project and strategize and make your tax return anticlimactic.  In the perfect world, my tax advisor said all of his businesses would finish their returns with owing $200.  That way if you owe a lot it is obviously not great, but if you get a lot back from the IRS, you have floated them an interest free loan that could be better used to reinvest in your business.

So, it is best for you all to get the experts to integrate with each other. In such a scenario, you can get in touch with the bookkeeping services in San Diego, CA and ask for the assistance from there.

Benefits from Bookkeeping services

A great bookkeeping service does the following:

Maintain privacy

Most of the business records and transactions here are private and confidential.

Make sure their are private uploads and secure portals.  Here at BSH Accounting, we use the Quickbooks secure portal for statements and secure uploads.

Also, make sure they are using their own VPN or Secure Wifi box if they are meeting you at a coffeeshop or another location.

Your accountants and bookkeepers need to maintain the highest standard of ethics, and be a vault for your secret information.

A best practice would be to give your bookkeeper and accountant and Non Disclosure Agreement.


In business, there are many needs and requirements. To meet all the needs and requirements budgeting is essential and to fix and a great bookkeeper can keep your budgets on point.  Budgets are a great defense against internal fraud too.

Tax auditing and saving

A great bookkeeper keeps tax-saving in mind.  In such cases, you can ask them for it, and they will help you with it. Apart from that all, they can do a proper audit  and can ready your financial report quarterly, monthly or yearly.  We prefer to send monthly statements to all clients that have retained us.

Again, it is usually best to get a great bookkeeper and not try to do this yourself.  However, place a high value on consistent communication and getting them everything they need in a timely manner.

Where to get the best bookkeepers?

If you are in search of getting a best and experienced bookkeepers in my area in San Diego (Obviously partial to our service), then you can quickly get in touch with the bookkeeping services in San Diego, CA through Google Search or QB Pro Advisor Directory. There you can get all top bookkeepers, and they are all certified and can help succeed and reach your goals.

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