View Only Access to Banks and Credit Cards for Bookkeepers

Aug 13, 2020

View Only Access to Banks and Credit Cards for Bookkeepers

When you are using a bookkeeper, a big-time save for you is to give them access to your bank account.  We are all about protecting your ass and assets here at Buck Stops Here Accounting and we would never recommend setting up a system with potential fraud opportunities for someone.

There are banks that give very easy access to bookkeepers called VIEW ONLY ACCESS.  The value in this is your bookkeeper and accountant can view your checking or credit card statements and transactions.  Why would they need to do that?  To look up checks and deposit pictures, and reconcile your accounts and see statements every month without having to ask you.  They get their own user name and password.


Never: Give your bookkeeper or an accountant signature authority.

Never: Give your bookkeeper your user name and password.

Any bank that does not give this easy view only option for accountants and bookkeepers is inviting fraud because the temptation is for some people to give the two aforementioned options a way to save time.

Here are is the running list of banks that have the best View Only Access Log-Ins for Bookkeepers.  Also, we have provided instructions on how to set it up.  As it stands in December of 2019, from what I have seen, Wells Fargo and Chase have the best system for this.  We will add more accounts as we go.

(Make sure you enroll in paperless, so statements are PDF too).

If a bank charges you to

  1. Sync your bank with Quickbooks
  2. View check images
  3. Get online PDF statements

Immediately fire the bank and take all of your money to another.  Get a sign up bonus at another.  You are not in a position to have to beg here.

Table of Contents


  1. Chase
  2. Wells Fargo
  3. US Bank
  4. Bank of America
  5. Paypal
  6. Citibank

Credit Cards

  1. American Express


 1. Chase

  1. Navigate and log into
  1. Click on Account Management
  2. Click on Access & Security Manager
  3. Click the Blue – Add User Button
  4. Enter in the code from the 2 step verification process.
  5. Select the Accounts you want to give View-Only access to.
  6. Let your bookkeeper know what their user name is.

2. Wells Fargo

  1. Sign in at
  2. In the top right is a WELCOME tab click on that arrow.
  3. Click on MANAGE ACCESSàAccount Access Manager
  4. Click on the GUEST USERS tab.
  5. Click the Blue Button: ADD NEW USER
  6. Fill out the info and give your bookkeeper a user name
  7. Pick which accounts your bookkeeper needs to see and on the drop-down -> View Only
  8. Hit submit and finish out the process.
  9. Tell your, bookkeeper, what their user name and password is.

Credit Cards

American Express

  1. Navigate to

2. Account Services

3. Add or Remove Account Managers

4. Add Account Managers

5. Make sure limited access is used View Only.

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